How To Get Back With Your Ex

How To Get Back With Your Ex? How To Get Back With Your Ex

How Can I Get My Ex Back


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How To Get Back With Your Ex

Now I know that you’re here for some quick How To Get Back With Your Ex tips so that you can immediately take action and win your partner.

Prepare your ex’s mind

After breaking up with your ex allow some time and give your ex some space. I’d say give it a solid 2 weeks. This is the part that you set things up and casually tell your ex “I know things didn’t go well for the both of us but I think I’d be great if we could just be friends and we could stay in touch.” Set your ex up this way so that it would establish in your ex’s mind that you two are now single and available for options to date another.

It’s important to know at this point, that if you want to learn how to get your ex back successfully. You have to have some sort of physical interaction going on together. Don’t expect that you’ll get some sort of phone call from your ex begging you to get back with him or her out of the blue.

Never appear needy or clingy

Once you have established that you are just friends it’s time to start the process on how to get back with your ex. Plan a way where you can engineer a situation where you could get together like through an invitation of a mutual friend or anything that you could think of that seems like an indirect get-together.

It’s critical to understand at this how to get back with your ex process that you should know the correct way how to have your ex partner be into you is by treating your ex the right way once you see each other again. Once you see and meet with your ex again, don’t appear supplicating, needy or clingy. Don’t say comments like “It’s so good to see you”, “You look great” or “I really miss you.” Also have body language that conveys you don’t need or are unattached to your ex. These first few steps that you have made are all important to making a good impression on how to get back with your ex.

Show how exciting your life is without your ex

Now here is the where the meat of successfully knowing how to get back with your ex, you must convey stories of how exciting your life is now that your ex is gone. You could also boost your social savvy skills like if it’s a local friend’s party by entertaining a group with your exciting new adventure on a trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro, or how you rescued someone from a landslide, or how you have spent time going on humanitarian missions for the less fortunate in Calcutta.

Your storytelling skills whilst your ability to entertain a group while sharing exciting stories embedded with qualities to make everyone know who you are an exciting and fun person will spark curiosity and intrigue and would cause your ex to feel a hint of emptiness for not the funs you are having with him or her in your life.

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Treat her like a friend and don’t give your ex so much attention

Be true to what you said and treat your ex like how you’d treat any normal friend. You could make silly jokes or make a few banters but not anything sensitive or edgy.

If your ex manages to talk to you alone one-on-one, subtle body language movements could have a great deal of an effect. Things like looking at your watch (at the right social context but not in a rude manner) whilst talking to your ex means you could signify that you’re busy and have some projects or plans to finish. You could also look around the place and feel free to make small glimpses to look like you’re checking out other members of the opposite sex. Relax and be care-free.

A little jealousy goes a long way

Here’s the main course of learning how to get your ex back successfully. If you’re talking to your ex in a light social situation, you could continue sharing stories to your ex of how exciting your life is but now it must involve the new social interactions and friends that you have in your new life. You could talk about how you went out with some friends and discovered this fancy new Italian, Japanese, Mexican, etc. (or any cuisine of food that your ex particularly loves) restaurant and talk about how you had fun watching concerts afterwards in the city night life.
Basically, subtly suggest that you are doing fun activities that you once were doing with your ex but you are now doing with someone else.

This would definitely go a long way to have your ex back and this can be used as your Ace to really deliver a strong emotional punch of jealousy in your ex. Use it wisely.

Don’t take the bait

Finally, by this time your ex would be now in an emotional state where his or her emotions are stirred and she wants to see if he or she has the same effect on you. Don’t be fooled. Keep your cool. The next time you would have the chance to get together and your ex manages to dress in a particularly way that appeals and attracts you. Turn your ex’s attempts by remaining cool, calm, confident and unattached. This would finally leave your ex extremely puzzled and confused all the more stirring emotions that would set your ex up for the advance you will do to make him or her running back to you.

Learning how to get back with your ex back is easier but it takes manliness to do so. So be a man start doing the steps mentioned above and thank me later.

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