How To Get Him Back

When it comes to relationships, ladies are very sensitive and never at any time imagine of loosing their boyfriends. Breakups can be an eye opener and a way of strengthening your relationship. This can be a traumatizing experience especially when you are pondering on how to get him back. Whether it was real love or otherwise, there is always that feeling of wanting him back and the approach you take determines the outcome.

How To Get Him Back


In normal and genuine relationships, there is always excitement when you get started off. You are always looking for any opportune time to be together and share your love. The thought of thinking about him keeps your heart pounding and this is what love is all about. Once a breakup occurs, these are some of the feelings that keep haunting you on how to get him back.

Relationships are two way and the more you open up to each other the fonder you become. Letting go of him becomes something you cannot stand but once this happens, you need to follow these simple steps on how to get him back. These depend on whether the relationship is worth the efforts or not. You need to get a chance to apologize or just talk about the breakup and map the way forward though you should not appear desperate. Fixing your problem as” we” does the trick and do not take the blame alone; love is between two people.

Since you have already broken up, you have nothing to loose, in fact, this offers you the best opportunity to sit him down and talk about the issues that you feel are not right so that you can start again on a clean slate. On the other hand, you need to keep your feelings in control. As much as possible, do not blame him but talk about the real problem. Do not show him openly that you want to be back together and he too needs you. At this point, it is not how to get him back but how fun but can be when you are back together.

When it comes to how to get him back, men, just like women need, you need to make him feel special. If it means talking to a friend about it, not all your friends will help and you need to choose very carefully. Your girlfriends can make the situations worse and win him over instead since he is very vulnerable at this point. On the other hand, talking to his boyfriend can also be disastrous since they can take advantage of you as well.

Given that you are both hurting, you need some space and you need to indicate to him that you are doing well alone. As much as you can, keep away from him. This way, he will not let your thoughts off his mind and you should keep him guessing what you are up to. Men are always jealous and once you pretend to be busy, the more he will think about you. Chasing him or trying to visit places where he frequent will make him feel in control and he will twist round his little finger. This in not the right time to keep agonizing on how to get him back but playing hard to get.

As much as possible, avoid talking to him on phone, sending him texts or emails. Instead, stick around your best friends and try as much as possible to have fun while making sure he knows you are doing fine out there. Get a life and go shopping and make your life appear normal and he will surely start looking for you. There are many activities that can keep you busy and once he notices, his curiosity will get him attracted to you once again. Changing your ways of dressing and places that you dine out definitely works when it comes to how to get him back. He will start thinking you are seeing someone else with a different taste preference and he will come looking for you.

If by any chance you happen to meet, try to talk about other things and not how to get him back. As much as he anticipates you to discus the getting back topic, it is your turn to make him appear desperate to prompt him to talk about getting back together again. This is the right moment to show him you also need some respect and that, just like him, you have feelings and life does not stop with breakups.